Home additions have a lot of advantages including more space to grow a family and improved property values. However, additions are not a project to be undertaken lightly. A poorly planned addition can quickly go over budget and get out of control, so it is essential that you start your project off on the right foot.

Brainstorm Ideas

Browse through home improvement magazines and surf television shows to get ideas for your addition. You will doubtlessly come away with more ideas than you can realistically implement, but this can be a good thing if you are looking less costly alternatives.

Make a Plan

Begin narrowing ideas down and make a solid plan. Before you commit to anything, make a budget and stick to it. At this point, you can begin talking to builders and contractors to get cost estimates. If you are looking for ways to stay under budget, remain flexible and present several alternatives until you find a combination that makes you happy and is cost effective.

Get a Good Contractor

Unless you’re already a skilled contractor in your own right, you will need professional help building your home addition. Look for contractors who have experience with home additions. Compare several different contractors to see he can quote you a lower price, but don’t make cost your only consideration. Also make sure your contractor seems trustworthy and like someone you can work with in the long haul.

Do Part Yourself

Save money by doing small tasks and adding finishing touches yourself. You can save quite a bit off the final bill by painting the addition or laying flooring yourself. If you’re more experienced with home improvement projects, you can also consider installing cabinets, putting in windows, or hanging drywall without professional help.

With proper planning, an experienced contractor, and realistic expectations, you can get a beautiful new home addition without breaking the bank.

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