Make Your Home Office Better With Built-Ins

When magazines highlight home office spaces, you often see floor to ceiling cabinets with crown molding and open shelves adorned with books. There are no electronics in sight but the flip of a door reveals a slide out shelf with a printer. Below the printer are more drawers designed and built just for the supplies in them. Perhaps there is a long desk accommodating two monitors, or an T shaped desk with work stations accessible from both sides. Maybe and island desk with storage along both sides would be better for your needs. Whatever your space and office needs are, custom built-ins would make the most of the space that you have available.

The best part about working from home is being able to make the entire work space your own. Special customized shelving and built-in features will not only make you more efficient, but they might make being in your work space more enjoyable to be in for eight or more hours a day. An experienced contractor who has done custom built-ins before can give you the advice needed to create a well-organized area to entertain clients or take that video conference and project a professional image to the client or boss. The contractor will take the time to sit down and plan out a home office that fits your space and needs.

As more people telecommute for their jobs and the gig economy continues to explode, an organized home office is essential. In fact, many work from home positions require a dedicated office space free from background noise and distractions. This space needs to work for you so that when you sit down to work, you have everything ready at your fingertips. Instead of grabbing flimsy pressed wood shelving from the nearest box store and then spending more money on craft store organization, custom built-ins make a smarter choice.