Trim Moldings as a Simple and Effective Interior Design Tool

Trim moldings are a small yet mighty way to add character to any space in your home. They are usually applied along the bottom of a wall near the floor, around windows or around doors. Installation is a process that should not take more than a weekend, and excellent results can be achieved with the help of an interior trim designer. Before installing new moldings, it is important to understand both the fashion and functionality of the interior design feature. 

Both wood and synthetic options are available on the modern market for molding. Depending on the style of the space, you can select a clean-cut shape, traditional rosette moldings or perhaps a more modern option. There are also many color options from which to choose. Envision the completed room, with all the furniture, decorations and wall colors in place, before selecting the molding. This ensures a coherence within the space and saves you the time of replacing something that does not look right.

The molding also serves a function beyond looking nice. It protects aspects of the wall especially prone to rough contact. For example, kids may push chairs away from the table and hit the wall. With the proper trim molding, the molding itself may be damaged, but that is more easily replaced than a bruised wall. Molding also covers up any edging mistakes resulting from imperfect wall paint jobs. It is recommended to paint the molding itself before installation.

It is relatively inexpensive to purchase and install trim moldings, making it an excellent way to update a room for the next family gathering or to transition to a new room theme after several years of a former design. Installation, especially with the help of a designer, should be quick and easy. However, it may take longer if installing molding throughout the entire house. Explore different options and select the perfect trim molding design for your home today.