Sometimes turning a house into a home requires more than a few pieces of furniture or photos. If your home is feeling outdated, uncomfortable, or just doesn’t feel like the home of your dreams, consider one or more of these four home renovations to increase the value and functionality of your home.

New Roof

Replacing your roof is a great way to prevent water damage and improve the curb appeal of your home. If your shingles are worn, damaged or faded, it could lead to roof leaks. Call a contractor to restore your roof for long-lasting protection.

A new roof can come in a variety of colors. Whether you match your siding or choose a striking accent color, there’s nothing like a new roof to give your home a brand-new look.

Kitchen Remodel

While kitchen remodeling projects can easily be the most expensive home renovations, they can also add the most value. A modern kitchen with updated colors, new appliances and a functional layout can dramatically increase the value of your home. You can typically expect a high return on investment in your kitchen.

Bathroom Remodel

For such a practical room, many homeowners overlook updated their bathroom. A bathroom remodel can add light, improve functionality and create a sense of expanded space. This is another room that offers a great investment opportunity.

Insulation and Other Energy-Efficiency Projects

Save money quickly by investing in energy efficiency. Additional insulation in your attic, energy-efficient fixtures or LED bulbs can all cut your electricity and water bills. This not only adds value for future homeowners but helps you save money from day one. Ask a contractor in your area for more energy-efficient suggestions.

Each of these four home renovations can improve the look, feel and value of your home. However, they can also be dangerous for DIYers. For safe and effective renovations contact a local contractor today.

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