Kitchen Remodels: How To Maximize the Return on Investment


As a homeowner, you are constantly looking for ways to improve the value of your house. You do not have to tear up an entire floor or add a new room to make the house attractive for real estate agents. Simply hiring kitchen remodeling experts can make your home more stylish and functional. This, in turn, could increase the price of your house on the open market. Here are some tips for ensuring your remodel gives you a great return on your investment.

Consider the Current Value of Your Home

Ideally, your budget for the remodel should be 15 percent of your house’s value. If you follow this rule, you could get an 80 or 90 percent return on investment.

Be Proactive

Extensive remodels can be expensive. If your kitchen is so neglected that it is essentially unlivable, you will have to spend extra money just to make the room functional. It is thus hard to obtain a full return on investment for these remodels. Instead of waiting for your kitchen to become dilapidated, consider hiring kitchen remodeling pros when you first notice your tiles, countertops or cabinets starting to wear down.

Consult With an Agent

Having the nicest-looking home on the block is not always a good thing. Homes in your neighborhood have a certain value based on their location. If the remodel makes your house too expensive compared to nearby homes, you may have trouble selling it. A local real estate agent can tell you how much nearby homes cost. You can use this information to decide how extensive your remodel should be. Even if you are not ready to sell your house just yet, an agent can tell you how much other homeowners in the area spent on their kitchen remodels.

Small changes to your kitchen can make your home more valuable. Whether you are replacing your floors or adding new cabinets, make sure the work is done by licensed kitchen remodeling professionals.