Modernizing Your Home With Wainscoting

For those who are hoping to add a more stylish look to any room, installing wainscoting is a great solution. This type of paneling creates a sophisticated effect while simultaneously acting as another layer of protection from colder air. Adding this type of detail to your home can transform a room while complimenting virtually any design. Wainscoting is all about clean lines and precision and requires a skilled hand. Hiring a professional to install it can help ensure you get the look you want while providing the attention to detail that is needed.

The Basic Components of Wainscoting

Traditionally, wainscoting is assembled and installed by a craftsman using the tongue and groove method. This cutting procedure allows pieces of wood to be joined together seamlessly, creating the appearance of a single flat surface. Wainscoting panels are installed on the bottom half of a wall and are usually between only three and five feet in height.

Wainscoting Options

While wainscoting is traditionally made of wood and painted white, there are plenty of options to personalize it according to your style preferences and budgetary needs. From cost efficient and eco-friendly bamboo to upholstery to plastic, there are several materials to choose from when having your new wainscoting installed. To save even more money, you could have your carpenter install only trim and then paint the entire area one color to give the look and feel of full wainscoting while eliminating the cost of wood paneling. On the other hand, you could choose some more luxurious options, like boiserie, which utilizes ornate carvings for a traditional yet fancy look.

Whichever options you select, be sure you choose a craftsman who pays attention to the location of your wainscoting and takes the necessary precautions to prevent moisture damage and warping over time. Wainscoting can truly add beauty and elegance to any home when installed thoroughly and with care.