Why Choose an L-Shaped Kitchen?

The classic L-shaped layout is a popular choice when kitchen remodeling. It makes it easy to maximize space and efficiency.

The Work Triangle

A basic element of good kitchen design is the work triangle. You should be able to move fast and easily among the refrigerator, the stove, and the sink. If you can also include a dishwasher in that configuration, so much the better.

An L-shaped kitchen makes it simple to create this relationship among the key components you need for food preparation. The two legs of the “L” meet at a corner of your work triangle. If your kitchen is very big, though, you may find that using this layout makes your work triangle too big and your appliances too far from one another. 

Counters can run in both directions radiating from the central work area. One counter can be used for food preparation and cooking, the other for clean-up activities. Kitchen remodeling can add cabinets, drawers, and shelves to the walls above and below the counters. A window or group of windows above the sink area to add light and dimension is a common feature. 

Open-Plan Living

An L-shaped kitchen design is ideally situated for open-plan living. All your work areas fit snugly in a corner and along the two adjacent walls, freeing up walls to host doorways for easy access to dining or family rooms. 

With all major features organized along two walls, you can avoid the tunnel-like effect that occurs when cabinets and appliances occupy three or four walls. When you use an L-shaped floorplan, even a small kitchen may have room for an eat-in area or a work island.

Kitchen remodeling based on an L-shaped design gives you plenty of space to cook efficiently, arranged in an ergonomic, compact way. It makes implementing the ideal work triangle a piece of cake.